Sneak box bank stakes

Josh Schwenger

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You guys think there would be any interest in aluminum bank stakes for tying off a a sneakbox. I saw Mr. Sanford making them years ago and I thought of making them 16" long 1" thick from aluminum round bar. They would have a eye drilled in one end and the other end tapered on my lathe. I was thinking of making 10-15 for the decoy show for sale.
I have seen that design I do like that on aluminum hulls. 2' would be fine maybe make multiple length I tie my 17' off with a 3' spud pole maybe make them hollow. My neighbor said he thinks wood is superior because it floats.
16" seems a bit short to me, I'd go 24 minimum but probably longer, not for holding power, but for the ability to get them in the ground without having to kneel. If they were satisfying made and priced well, I would think they would sell.

I tried using them years ago and I prefer just throwing the anchors that I already have in the boat up on the bank.
Hollow Aluminum Conduit w / sealed ends would float. Wall thickness would determine strength of course if going as small as 3/4 " O.D. I just normally use a piece of 3/4" EMT with pointed closed end. Always have a shorter one in boats usually at about 5' long as I use them for MOJO poles at different lengths. Check them each year to make sure they,re not rusting thru and replace as needed. EMT was cheap but has got pricier along with any other conduit.
I prefer wood stakes, but if you desire heavy duty steel google "frost pin". For $15-$20 bucks it'll take punishment and throwing a hitch on it will be sufficient to stay secured. Just an example of how the price point measures up against available options.

My "bog spikes" are about 18 inches long - with a cast eye on the upper end. They were cut from galvanized "guy rods" used by the telephone company for securing poles. I have only needed longer ones when gunning a flood tide and the bog was below water. steel is probably 9/16" in diameter. (They are resting in my buttoned-up Sneakbox - so I cannot get to them easily right now.)

I first tried White Oak - probably 3/4" x 2" x 18" - but even though pointed on the lower end they were too blunt to use when the bog froze late-season. The tip on the lower end is beveled so I can punch it into even frozen bog.

MSF Sneakbox - oarlock stanchion and staub.jpg

I do not see floating as a necessary feature.

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I've been using Mojo decoy extension stakes the last few seasons. The biggest problem I have is that if during my hunt the tide swings, that swing could be 6-8 feet! I'll setup before light and by shooting light I'm debating having to move sometimes. Mid cleat to the pole with line, pull the poll and throw it in boat to go.