So Cal Duck Hunt

I know a lot of you in the mid west are filling the cold but, here in SoCal its still 60 to 70 and still putting on sunscreen as apart of getting ready for the days hunt. (Sorry just had to say the good knows is if any of you are coming this way............. just give me a heads up, I love sharing a blind and a sunburn with some of you mid west/east coasters

well back to the post,
I when out last weekend Fri, Sat and Sun.
hunted Snow geese and Ducks, it seemed like I could do now wrong................ 2 snows and 28 ducks.
it was real consistent it seemed like we have something to shot at about ever 15 to 30 min. if we were hunting any where els it would have been a blue bird day but it blue bird days most of the time here, here are some of the pictures.

and really if any of you come to SoCal really just give me a heads up we will go shot some ducks in the sun.

Ducks07 004lowres.jpg
Ducks07 017lowres.jpg