TDB Classic 14 "

Yes it does have a blind. It is not the design of the original TDB. If you expand the picture of the boat on a carrier you will see the frame of the blind. I put fast grass over the railing or I use different camo based on how I am hunting. It has a hard top but it was not my best design. I used it to keep out leaves, snow and rain. I never trailered it. Yes I would sale it without the motor deduct $300.00.View attachment 20170202_103427.jpg
I don't know. I bought the deck and hall from Tony Homer who had used it to make a mold for a boat he was building, He had modified the boat so I spent six months taking it back to the original design. I installed a new floor and transom. I was lucky to have the advise of Tom Ayers of the Duck Boss Boat advise me on my rebuild. I did the rebuild in 2014- 2015. I am 76 years of age and my brother who is my hunting partner is 80; it is time to start reducing the fleet.
I made a template out of cardboard that matched the inside of the haul transom area with a raised center section to give me the height for a short shaft motor. Transferred it to a piece of 3/4 inch exterior plywood and cut it to shape . Put a piece pf 17 oz. fiber cloth inside the haul and epoxied the wood piece to the haul. Clamped it and let it dry for a couple of days, took a second piece of 1/2 inch plywood and cut it to match the raised section of the first piece when it was resting on the edge of the transom. Cut a third piece of 3/4 in. plywood to match the second piece with it extending to the bottom of the boat. Took 17 0z. fiber cloth and cut it to match the second and third piece of plywood . Wetted it out and sandwitch the second piece on both sides and clamped it together, Let it dry for a couple of days. Made a fillet out of epoxy and fiber compound and went around all of the edges inside the haul and the first piece of plywood. Took a piece of 8 oz, fiber cloth cut it to shape and epoxied it to cover the face of the first piece of plywood on the inside of the haul. Took a die grinder and trimmed of all the excessive material so they matched.