Turkey season is over for me

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It was nice to see a day of sunshine. Yesterday in between the rain spells, there was a fair amount of activity in the field I was watching.
Today proved to be a different day. Nothing seemed to be active at all. I heard just a couple gobbles before daybreak and then the timber was silent, except for the pheasants, crows and geese, which always make a bunch of racket.
As I sat there contemplating life, I became aware of a rather large group of turkeys entering the field, not too far from where I was set up. Oh, they were still 150 yards away, but certainly they would be able to see my decoys. I put the binoculars on them to discover that the group was mostly Jakes. Six of them in fact, along with two hens.
After letting them all filter out of the timber and weeds, I gave a few hen clucks on my slate turkey call. Immediately several of the jakes responded by spreading and displaying their fans.
A few more clucks and they were moving my way on a mission. The jakes milled around and displayed for the decoys. By this time, I had exchanged my phone camera for my 12 gage.

I love it when a plan comes together. [cool] [cool] This bird ends my season for me. Two birds, must be bearded, is all we are allowed. They will make several fine meals for me and my family.

The hero shots;


My bird from today;

Same bird different pose;


My first bird this year on April 30th;

Some nice hunts, thanks for sharing!

Back in Alabama, where I last turkey hunted, given a continuous downward trend in turkey populations, they are looking at lowering the limit.
It was 5 for years, now its 4, I suspect it will be 3 soon.
Thanks everyone,

I did indeed have a good season. For one reason or another I have skipped turkey hunting for a couple years. Then earlier this year I kept seeing a group of turkeys in a field every time or most every time I drove by the place. I kept thinking; I should find out who owns that property. I never did go ask about hunting that field, choosing instead to hunt some public land not far out of town.

Time to put the drumsticks in the slow cooker so the meat can be separated from all the sinew. I may make a sandwich spread with a portion of the drumstick meat, maybe a meatloaf with the rest of it.

How many of you use a wingbone call when turkey hunting? I need to get serious about mastering this particular call. That and a mouth call are call types which I've toyed around with but never been real confident of what sound was going to come out. I have a good friend who uses a mouth call like it was a second language. Just amazing to listen to him work a bird.


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