wabbits and my wabbit dawg Daisy


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And yet heres another instalment of hunting with Daisy.

lol i cant shoot enough trees outa the way for to get them wascaly wabbits..would a coulda shoulda had 3 more due to heavy brush or long distance gunning.
but as you can see when all lines up you get one ,,daisy was in the side of the road doin her thing ,kinda went like this ,Dad theres some here, somewhere, furious tail wagging ,then out it comes and runs straight away from me and at 20 feet i clip it in the top of the back of its head and pole axed it to flipping all over the place ,Daisy in hot pursuit thinking its alive comence to a little chew chew and a few squeels it did give and a few boots to the head she did get and back to dad one proud dawggy she did come, GOOD GURL!!that one didnt get away did it gurl? No dad it sure as hell wasnt getting away i must of run 2 miles today to see you miss the first one and i was making sure this one didnt get away ...