well I am waist deep in it now - Rehabbing Herters

so I bought a dozen of the big Herters Foam decoys, I think they are 72's at a sportmans auction in Delaware. They had been burlapped but had been run hard and put away somewhere nasty. I thought they just needed paint, but after powerwashing off the mud and crud, they had been shot a bunch, the burlap had worn through in places and the metal keels were rusting and leaving gaps.
So far I have rubbed in tile mastic where they were thin or had shot holes, and done mastic and burlap patches at the tails and where they were really bad.
I just poured in some West 3M epoxy on the keels.
Paint is next
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They are Model 81s - Mallard/Black heads on small Goose/Brant bodies. These were made popular by Zack Taylor - Boating Editor of Sports Afield and author of one of my favorite gunning books - Successful Waterfowling.

Herters 03 ZT Model 81 + 72 001.jpg

They make a fine oversize bird. I rehabbed a rig for a duckboats.net member several years ago - bodies came to me burlaped; I coated the heads with epoxy + sawdust.

Herters 05 Horning - primer in profile.jpg

Have fun!



Here are some Model 81 Brant I rehabbed for my gunning partner several years ago.

Kessler's Brant Rig - First Batch Profile.jpg

Here's the catalog page. Herter's made 2 heads: one for Canadas/Snows/Blue and for Brant.

Herters 58 page 14 Model 81 Goose inset.jpg

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Those Brant look beautiful, Steve!

Good luck with your rehab project, Lawrence. It should be fun. post up some shots of the finished birds.
I think I am done, just need to spray on some clear matte if I get a sort of warm day....I wont get to try them till January 20th. They started as really rough Herters 81's, all mallards. I saved 4 of the drakes and left them as Mallards, the other 8 became Blacks. They first got some tile mastic and I cut in some burlap patches, then paint. Thank You Steve Sanford. BTW Home Depot at least here wont do samples in flat exterior, just satin or interior gloss..IMG_7344.jpgIMG_7346.jpg
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I had about 2 dozen of the model 82's I turned some into Oldsquaw deeks.


Long black zipties work pretty good as tails.