Whitney scull test!

Michael R Braun

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Well all I can say is wow! For sculling two people it worked like a dream. I set out for the Mulica River with my Buddy Tim who just started hunting last year. First thing was the test of the motor. I put a small 4 on the mount and tested the mounting from in side the float and it worked Great. Next I started her up and away we went down the river. The boat ran great cut threw the water like a hot knife threw butter. We came up on the first ditch off the river so I disconnected the gas and let it run out. Taking the motor off the mount from in side the boat went smooth and easy like I have been doing it for years. I put the motor in behind Tim for him to rest is head on and got sealed in and mad my way up the ditch.

20 yards in I seen a nice group swimming and feeding on the right side. So I take my self slow and close to the bank using the side brush and the bends of the ditch to hid me in the shadows. As we get closer I notice that it is a group of wood ducks. as they swam around the next bend I told Tim that when I go around the bend they will be right there and sure enough I swung the boat around and there they where 10 yards in front. I told him to take them and we jumped up, surprising the woodies making them all freak out flaying every witch way. I watch Tim drop one and then I pick out two swing off to my right and drop them. It was awesome! one scull and we had three woodies down.

We made are way back out to the river, put the motor on and away we went to another ditch. again ran the gas out and set back up and away we went. 40 yards in I cam across a hen mallard. So again I huge the back and hid in the shadows. as I got in real close I noticed the hen did not have a boy friend so I was going to pass her up and then out of no where two woodies popped out from the side, I side shoot the drake wood duck he jumped up shooting the hen mallard and then drooping the wood.

Again we headed out back to the river and took a ride to another ditch. Not seeing any thing in this one we decided to call it a day and head back to the ramp. It was a great day and a great test out on the river with the new float. We ended the night with an nice wood duck and mallard strife..

Sorry I have no photos I had taken my DVD Camera with me expecting to take some video with my helmet came and photos but the dvd disc that I had did not work with my sony. Man it would have been sweet to catch them sculls on film. There is always next time.

Nice going Mike, How long were you out?

The weather looked real ducky today for sure!

I think I'm gonna take out my finished up teal rig and hit the Bayshore tommorow.
I thought you where going to get back with me for when it was a good time to make the trip up? Any how no I cant make it up I just have to much to do with paintings and decoys that I just have no time to play. I only have been out gunning twice since we started and be for I know it the season will be near the end. Would have loved to make it up and I will soon. I am just swamped with work right now and fear I will only get more when the stamp is out not that it is a bad thing but with my studio job and my work I just have to much to chew on. I need your number, I had to get a new phone and lost it. Send me an email and I will give you a call.

Thanks buddy

We where out for about 4 hours. This cold front should bring some birds down. I have been get some reports the the bills are in the bays. When they are in full force. I will try to get you the action. I am going out on thanksgiving morning. Working on some paintings on friday and then Saturday will try to make it out. depends on what I get done Friday.


I got to get some photos for you, she cam out great. I will try to make a dvd for you with some filme and pics.

Outstanding. Looking forward to the photos & DVD....too cool.
Later partner,
Congrats on completing the project. Few experiences are more satisfying than reaping the benefits of your own hard work.

Not to nit pick, but what is the bag limit on woodies in NJ?