Why is it?

Steve Steffy

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You go squirrel hunting you see deer...
You go duck hunting you see deer...

You go deer hunting and all you see is ducks and squirrels.

I may have to go back in that swamp for ducks...I've been wanting to for years and just never have. They were pretty vocal mallards today. Fun to just watch and listen.

It's called "scouting" while in search of other birds & critters. Primal is what it is, and what we did before all the trail cams, drones, food plots, etc.

What many of us still do and enjoy. Being Our There and seein' first hand IS the huntin'. After knowledge has been gleaned then the proper amount of shootin' takes place, usually as little as possible.

Freeze and then Thaw swamp/marsh feeding Wonder Bread Ducks do make a helluva racket.

Get yer venison in the freezer then attend to the rest which makes for many days Out There, where ya belong.

Rick L said:
and that's why they invented drillings [;)]

Very true, it's the seasons that sometimes get in the way...[;)] A drilling is the only long gun a fellow artist I've known for years will use. Some artists might go hungry at times, and others do not.