Y-Board Diagram and Pictures


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Tim asked me to post these, hope they are helpful to all!

[inline YBoard-CF-12292004.JPG ]
[inline BuffyYB-OnWater.jpg ]

Thanks Carl! I need a post duck season project and these will be perfect. Now, can somebody post a bunch of diver profile patterns e.g. old squaw, goldeneye?
I have some on my computer at home (buffies, coots and bluebills-I think), I will try to remember to post them this weekend.
Thanks again, Carl. Best wishes for a happy holiday season, and may Santa Duck visit you day and night for the rest of the legal duck season.

Here are my silly patterns for my buffies. These are after a pattern I recieved from Tom Matus, who used to post here back in the day, he is an excellent carver. I will have to try to find my bluebills.
[inline BuffleheadDrake1.jpg ]
[inline BuffleheadHen1.jpg ]

Thanks for posting your diagram and pics again.

I'll put up some pics of the y-boards I made as soon as I can find the firewire/usb cable thingy to download them off my camera.
Hey Carl Just having a look at your board how do they handle a light chop of 15 25 km wind? We hunt eiders and oldsquaw in february and looking at maybe building some over christmas if you could reply id really apprciate it. And you got some great info this forum is quite educating in spots. Have a good one
Chris Goldsworthy
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Well, that would be a hard question for me to answer, I've don't hunt much in winds that strong and we don't have seaducks down here on Mobile Bay!
I've had them out in a good 1' chop and they seemed to do fine. I know that a lot of guys use them for seaducks. However, you may be better off with Sleds. I reccomend you post a question about "how to build Sleds for Seaducks". I think you will get some really good advice from the seaduckers
[inline CootSillouhette1.JPG ]

[inline CootSillouhette2.JPG ]

[inline hoodedresting.jpg ]

[inline hoodedalert.jpg ]

Some guys use just sleds and Y-boards for seaducks.
For diver hunting, I think most guys use them in combination with regular decoys, that is what I do. When I target buffies, I put put my 2 y-boards and my 4 full bodies in a line, with the full bodies downwind.
i dont understand the purpose of the y boards seems like it take up alot of space


The two "arms" of the 'Y' fold flat against the "leg" for transport and storage.

gotcha and after ooking at some pictures of spreads with them in use i see how they are deployed.
We use Y boards for geese over water, they work great and are an easy way to get #'s of decoys in the rig without dozens of floaters. I'll usually run 6-8 Y boards and 4 or 5 full body floaters.
Y or V boards work. I used them for Old Squaws on Long Island north shore. Strung out on a single anchor. Look like soldiers in formation. No other decoys. They stool right to them. I also use Y boards for Brant with full body decoys mixed. I can dig up the Old Squaw pattern if you need it.