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We had a fun pond hockey tournament planned for yesterday on a lake near town here, but in the morning it was -38C at my house. Our team wanted to go anyways and we figured everyone else would wuss out so we'd win easily. At the lake it was -42C. At that temp, the snot freezes INSIDE your nose. I'm serious. Surprizingly, 41 of 46 teams showed up! So we got hosed, but it was fun.


This was part of my team. I'm surprised burkka's haven't caught on as a fashion in Canada?


You may be surprised to know that people started drinking right away, even though it was 10 am. Note the bottle. : )

Yep, that guy in the background is wearing a bunny suit.

Last one. These guys had awesome uniforms, but they played hockey as bad as us. It was tons of fun, but no one was sad to loose out, because it meant they could take their skates off and sit by the fire. Four skates shattered in the cold. The plastic moulding that mates the blade to the boot cracked and split. I saw an old pair of Micron skates (haven't seen those for a while) and one pair of Lang's. One guy even had a pair of old old leather ones that he bought at a garage sale. They looked Victorian.


Sorry I couldn't get more pictures, but my camera just didn't like the cold, so I only got a few minutes out of it. Today. I'm staying inside, getting the wood stove rockin', and working in the shop.

jeeze mike like poof its winta how thick was the ice by then? i was at a skate shop the other day gettin them sharpened and he had to have 10 pairs or more of different sizes and the price on all of them were 10 dollars canadian a pair for used skates i couldnt believe it yup there are some with all metal instead of plastic to.
looks like fun was in abundance
take care
Mike you guys and gals are hard core. I esp. like the fact that you could get a few girls to hit the hard stuff on such a lovely day.......
When I was a kid my mom would flood our side yard and we would play all nite with half the neighborhood.
I will be lucky if I see ice down here this year. Got my fingers crossed.
Mike- looks like a lotta fun! cold, but fun. I'm really enjoying your harlie I got for christmas last year- It's been dunked in the pacific and puget sound, but no clown ducks killed over it yet. Maybe I'll kill some GE this winter on the river with it? The shelf looks even better- just thought I'd tell you how much I'm enjoying your work.


Awesome Chris. I'm so glad you are getting out to hunt a bit. It bothers me to think a kid as eager as you is sitting at home instead of out scaring wildlife!

Thanks for the compliment.

Geez, Mike...sounds like the movie, "Mystery, Alaska"....

God, -41 is cold. I've hunted pheasants in -20, and been outside in -80 wind chill temps as a kid, but a standing -41...holy frozen eyeballs, Batman!

This little Yankee-moved-to-Arkansas has no antifreeze left in the blood...
Sweet! I recall days like that in the UP. For some reason most folks want to go outside and do something. Those are the days that you find out if your car battery is up to the task of winter. It just goes to show you that we are an inherently stupid species of critter. Of course, I would be one of the stupidist of all. I used to ski on days like that. I remember bribing the lift operator to open for an hour and maybe 2 or 3 other idiots would slap the boards on and make a few runs. One day it was over 40 below and we made 3 or 4 runs. My biggest problem was not only would the snot freeze inside your nose but my notrils were freezing shut. Nothing a few cold pints of Guinness couldn't fix!

Looks like a blast!
Now That's my kind of people! IT's so cotton-pickin' warn up here in VT it feels like late summer. We're gonna' be lucky of we get any ice at all! Our Lake Champlain temp is still 46 degrees!! and the birds are not comin' down at all...lucky you!
It was freakin 56 this morning when I drove to work! We used to be able to ice fish before February around here and now if your shanty is not on pontoons, forget about it.

I also crave the cold because it cuts down on the gang activity at school. When it's twenty below nobody wants to rumble on the ice.

A bonus from your post for me! I finally figured out a way to put Viking horns on my Fire Helmet for our local football games !!!

Keep your stick on the ice,
Hey boys...that's -41 C....not sure what that is in F ...but with the 60 degree weather we have been having the ducks are sweating if they have to fly more than 10'. DOH! Just went and looked..F & C equal out at -41......that's pretty nippley.
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Oh yeah that does look fun :)

At least it looks like a few of the girls are out enjoying the sunshine too! Good for them. Been my experience that most of them prefer to sit inside and whine about "why can't we take a trip to Hawaii" like the neighbors did?

I was wondering how cold it was getting in your area seeing as a lot of Alaska has been in the minus 30's and minus 40's for weeks now.

Mike were you around in Jan of 1990 when that huge siberian high settled in over Alaska and the yukon? I remember it getting well into the minus 50's out in Nome but along the yukon and upper kuskoquim it got to minus 85 still air tempurature.

That was one time even the "old timers" couldn't remember it getting that cold back in the old days.

It really sucked.

Take care,

-85!?!?! Man I'm glad I missed that one. We had a cold one near -60C here in the late 90's. It was brutal. That's got to be tough on the animals eh? How do the ravens keep from freezing their legs? It must be tough to run around in your bare feet on that!