A big thanks to Sean sutton

Glad you enjoy it Greg . You and Tom have always been very generous to me and Jim. Thanks for being good friends
Nice Work Guys. Sweet Butterball.

Goes around comes around. Sean hooked me up with a great detail knife a couple years back. Without me asking...

Some great charcther, and generosity in the Decoy World if you asked me.
Not bad if you like that kind of thing I guess...

Seriously though, I never get tired of seeing Sean's work.

To echo Derek's sentiments, I've never spent time with Sean out in his stomping grounds but I have with other guys and every time they roll out the red carpet and have showed me a great time. Great bunch of guys out there.
I met and saw some of Sean's stuff at the past Tuckerton show. Having one(or several) of his decoys is certainly on my decoy bucket list.