A left handed Coffee Doodle… ohhh boy…..

Michelangelo was a natural left handed artist that taught himself to be right handed, and used each hand in his work.

"it is necessary to keep ones compass in ones eyes and not in hand, for the hands execute, but the eyes judge." - Michelangelo Buonarroti
connecting the right side of your brain to your ;left hand was a piece of cake, nay? New challenge is to draw the image facing left!! Still await a chiloe, padiwan!
Did it even effect your ability? Jeez, I can't draw left or right handed.
Eric, the process is just a matter of practice.. Find a book entitled:
Drawing on the right side of your brain....The exercises are designed to move you from the symbolic, logical left hemisphere to the visual, non verbal right ide.. Do EXACTLY as directed.. Sorry, but i forgot the author.