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Thank you for welcoming me into the group.

I recently picked up an original Maine Built 17 classic. The HIN number ends in 88. I was wondering if anyone knows the first year the Clark Brothers built the 17 classic? My hull number is in the lower 200's. After speaking with Liz one of the new owners at TDB she believes I may have an early one. My dream is to completely restore the boat and would love to know more about it.

Currently I'm cleaning it out and coming up with a game plan. The floors and transom seem solid. but she needs a ton of TLC. any insight or tips would be appreciated.
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Buy mil spec 1000D cordura from rockywoods- have local canvas shop do your blind up. Get the tan, you can spray paint it with color if you want. Cost you maybe $1200 materials and time. Won't regret it
Nice find!

Post up some more pics of the interior too if you have them.

I seem to remember a lot of comments about the potential for the floatation foam to be saturated, something to watch out for.
Morning Nick,

Thank you for the tip. I'm leaning toward having TDB do the blind and rain fly for me. My local canvas guys pricing wasn't much better.
Thank you Carl I plan to post a lot of photo as I go.

I've read the same. I have a buddy coming over tomorrow to check her out. He has a ton of experience with the older TDB'S. I'm hoping he doesn't find anything too concerning.
Post up the entire HIN number and i can tell you what month and year it was built if you don't already know. The mfg. year is 1988 but the rest of the HIN number will narrow it down.
I think that '88 was the first full year of production for the 17'.

Photobucket restored my pics, so this might be of value to you as you go forward: