Bangkok Duck Prams

Todd Duncan Tennyson

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I am spending Chinese new years over here near bangkok with my wife this year. I live in a port town, a fishing town. There are some guys up the way that are fixing up a wooden pram that I thought you might get a kick out of.

This guy was out there setting nets at the ferry dock and he is in a newer model made of aluminum. I'd reckon that one of these would be damned nearly indestructible and apparently they won't sink for some reason. This guy was perched off the bow with no freeboard and had to be taking on water, but he wasn't going down or even concerned.

Those are some interesting boats. The freeboard of the boat running nets is insanely low. I didn't know you lived in Bangkok these days. Permanent?
I am headed back to So Or in a few weeks Eric. I\'ve got a buddy that will be running 13 sheep and 60 chickens (broilers and egg layers) up in the Umpqua river watershed. I am his defacto ranch hand/ repair guy and backup. I'll also be keeping an eye on mom (She's closing in on 90) still independent and mentally sharp, but very frail physically. I'd like to help her with the groceries and the day to day stuff, chopping wood, making a fire, taking out the trash.... because she is hard pressed tyo do it at her 88 lbs.
Dani, i AM NOT SURE THAT THERE EVEN IS A PLATFORM on the bow. I don't know how he didn't take a big blast and get sunk. If i SEE HIM OUT THERE AGAIN, I'LL SEE IF i CAN GET A SHOT FROM ABOVE, sorry caps