BBSB 1st Blood...


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There was not much flying last week. It was a very slow, warm, blue bird day, but I was able to shoot my 1st duck out of the BBSB. A picture of the 1st bird was required for the BBSB build photo book.
If all goes well we'll try again Saturday.
Congrats John. Look forward to seeing you and that BBSB in January when we make our trek out your way.

Hope you get some weather before we get there. Need some SEA DUCKS around....or is it we need to see ducks around.....hehe

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.
Beautiful boat John. Congrats. Don't see too many of those birds around anymore either. Hope it is the first of many birds for you in your new boat.
Thanks. Don't worry you'll get some weather and see sea ducks when you get here.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!
John - Great lookin rig you have there. I'm sure there will be many good shoots from your BBSB!

Hunt Safe.
Nice job John,

Nuttin prettier than a grassed-up BBSB in it's element. It's a style boat that everyone loves and admires. They have proven thenselves repeatedly since the 1830's and no doubt will be with us as long as there secluded bays to hunt waterfowl in.

It was a blast to build and even more fun to hunt. I love the smell of boat sauce in the morning...

Merry Christmas to you and yours!
Thanks for posting pics of your bbsb in action! It was great to see your photos of the building process too.
John, The picture will look great in you BBSB build book. I'm in the slow process of gathering materials for building one. I enjoyed the pictures I have seen. I missed a few of them. I'm sure when I get going, I will have many questions. Enjoy your season Pete
Just wondering if your the John I met at duckers day. I was supposed to hunt With you and Bob in my BBSB but blew out my back that morning.
You have the right guy... I hope your back is better. We'll try to get out there again soon.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!
Thanks John. My back is much better. Your boat looks great. I was able to score a teal for my first kill earlier this season I sure love that little boat. Have you hunted with BOB? I havent even hunted with him this year.Different job schedules. Good luck the rest of the season.