blind dimensions


After 4 years of mulling over this, I've decided to try to construct one of the sit-up blinds you posted about in this thread. Would you mind answering the following 2 questions if you remember:

(1) what species and size wood did you use for the upright 4 corner posts?

(2) Did you trailer the boat over the highway with the blind affixed to the boat?

Thanks for any input

I used treated decking - and squared it up. So, it was nominally 5/4 x5/4. Any moderately strong clear lumber would do: Mahogany, Douglas Fir, Yellow Pine (which is what treated usually is).

The boat trailered well at highway speeds with the blind in place. As the flaps were down, it's wind resistance was significantly reduced.

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thanks Phil and indeed I did.

Here's what it looked like grassed last year. Very happy with it, although still messing about with various seats to get me at the right level in relation to the blind height and still stay comfortable. Tried cut down milk crates and that did not fill me with joy in practical use.
View attachment IMG_0383 copy.jpg
Thanks, Steve & Phil for the additional info. I'm really hoping this works out. Several times last season, after sitting on the floor of the boat all day I had intense leg cramps in the night. Guess I'm getting older. Also hoping to be able to hunt 2 folks out of my duckboat, and this is probably the only practical way to accomplish that.

With my old and high-tech (replacement) knees, I need the full crate height - plus a cushion!

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If your looking for more comfortable seating and need to be at a respectable height to peer over grassing try the 3 legged fold up seats with back normally sold for deer pop up blinds. When folded take up hardly any space but are just a bit lower than standard chair height. Real comfy when you place a boat cushion on seat but that may get you higher than desired. I used one when hunting my old black jack with upright blind and it worked great. Use it now in jon boatblind for extra blind seat. Primous made the one I have.
Happy to report I finally began constructing the Steve-Sanford-Style situp blind similar (almost identical) to the one depicted in this thread. If Steve S reads this I'm hoping he can recall whether he put any type of horizontal piece at the bottom of the port and starboard luan sheets to provide rigidity. It's clear from the diagrams and photos that the top and sides of the luan have such structure.

Thanks for any input.

By the way, we also plan to take Steve S's suggestion of making the top flap shorter (just probably not as small as Steve suggested, but then who knows, if we get in to model it we may find the suggested length is right.

I did NOT put any stiffener along the bottom edge of the plywood sides. It is only needed along the top for the hinges.

Best of luck!