boat paint help


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I have a last minute boat painting project I would like to take on. Problem is time, I have 2 more days of 60 degree plus weather but no paint(well one quart of hunter specialist grey). I have always bought FME from lou in the past and have been very pleased, but it wouldn't get here in time for this project. Can I use Rustoleom enamel (oil base)mixing flat white and black to get a grey? how does this product hold up? I have no stores that carry parker paints and my bass pro doesn't have any more HS grey. Weather forecast is for rain later this week and 40's into next week. any other ideas?

I have absolutely NO LUCK with Rustoleum paints . I have done everything that the can says and still no luck , try Krylon , i use it now and love it they have a camo series of paints . I think the colors are black, dark green , brown ,the paints are all flat finish . How about a body shop supply house ? Or marine supply house that carries Interlux products they may be able to get a color that is close and then you can take it to a paint shop and have them dull it out maybe . I have used Parkers marsh grass paint on my boat and love it but i have boats with Lou's paint on them and it looks great to Good luck


I was in a similar situation with cool temps. Two-part auto paint was the solution and as a bonus it is more durable and dries very quickly. Call your local auto paint store and see what they can pull together in a flat paint. It costs more but the durability is outstanding. I used Limco or maybe it was Linco paints. Your auto paint store will know.
all I can find at west marine and such in interlux is gloss. gonna try auto paint shop tommorrow