BroadBill build update

Ryan Werden

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All right well this might go down in history as the slowest boat build but a guy can only do so much. It looks like the Broadbill won’t see any blood this year since the weather is colder and I’m concerned about the epoxy curing in these temps. I also found that I was rushing to get this done and as a result the craftsmanship was suffering. Soooo it shall wait until Spring. Basically all that’s left is the coaming, glass the deck, motor mount and paint. Here’s a few pics of where she’ll be until Spring.

Since my last update the rub rails were installed, as was the pour flotation foam fore and aft.

Next I laid down a coat of epoxy/wood flour mix for the decking and then screwed it down with bronze screws.

I then trimmed the excess off around the rub rails. I’ll cut the coaming and have that ready for Spring.

Question – when mounting the motor bracket, does that go on after the initial deck glass? Or does it go on before?

Great stuff, thanks for posting and don't worry, it'll be done some day.

Have fun during the process.

Thanks A. I'm a bit disappointed that she won't see water this season but I'd rather postpone it a bit than sacrifice quality. How's your season been thus far?

Hunt Safe.

Your Boat looks great!
And don't worry, my boat-build had a "winter Break" as well.... It was the kids, you know....

To answer your question, glass the deck first then put on the motor mount. Use a a large radius fillet and at least 3 layers of wet on wet glass tape on the fillet betwen the motor mount and the decking.


Brian F.

Believe me, you'll be happy that you took your time. Like you, the race to get my boat done before the season collided with my need to do things right -- and I pretty much missed the season and I was bummed about that. But, I'm very glad that I didn't cut corners, which of course lasts...

I've been duck hunting twice. The first time was slow, very few ducks flying. I managed to bag a nice greenhead. The second duck was a mis-id.. that I'm not proud of. I thought I had shot a teal, but it turned out to be a hen hoodie...

I brought my boys out "hunting" the other day on a small fresh water river. We saw ZERO ducks, but had the river to ourselves and had a blast talking about nothin'.

Very glad you posted and please keep it up, you're doing a great job and it'll be one of the most rewarding things you ever make.

Have a great season.
looking good !!

A break is not a bad thing it gives you time to concrentate on duck hunting and you can build in the off season

PS " thanks for the pictures I seem to be infected with andrews picture carvings :) and these build pictures help me get by "