Chicken fried duck breast

Steve McCullough

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Very excited about the new section!! I saw Dave D's reference and wanted to contribute.

This is a recipe I worked on this past season, and have served it to quite a few folks who "don't like" wild duck.....

Chicken fried duck

1) Take duck breasts and butterfly.
2) Pound with tenderizing hammer until thin.
3) Run meat through egg wash.
4) Dust with seasoned flour. Go with whatever flavor you prefer; spicy or savory as far as dry ingredients.
5) Use cast iron skillet and put in generous portion of peanut oil and allow skillet to get hot on medium high heat.
6) Lay duck breast into oil and carefully watch to avoid over cooking. Flip just when coating has turned color and you see blood coming through the top side of the uncooked meat. For mallards two to three minutes. Avoid overcooking!
7) Pull meat and set on jerky rack to cool.
8) Smother with a traditional style white gravy. My favorite is an unorthodox version of a l'orange... 1/2 jar of orange marmalade and equal amount of beef stock. Simmer until reduced by 1/2. Strain and then pour that over top of the steak!!
9) Serve with a nice Pinot Noir.