Eric: did you bring home a Tacoma from Kentucky?

Just got home from there. Truck was very well kept. Unfortunately road salt got to the frame and it was badly rusted. Came home empty handed. The search continues.

You're telling me. Nashville traffic sucks. It was a 10 hour adventure in misery. My search no longer includes the salt belt!

You're telling me. Nashville traffic sucks. It was a 10 hour adventure in misery. My search no longer includes the salt belt!

That sucks on the rust. I got set up to fluid film when we got the F250 (2019) after seeing the amount of rust our Tundra had when we sold it. I did it the first 2 years and am doing it every other from now on. It looks amazing. Granted a big truck is pretty easy to do since you can get under it, but I love the stuff. I wish everyone used it.
Does your F250 have a channel iron frame or rectangular tube? Toyota used rectangular tube that is prone to rotting from the inside out. Do you know of a good way to treat the inside of the frame. Maybe a long tube with something akin to a sprinkler head could be fed into the frame to treat the inside.
Here are a few pictures of the frame.


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Here are a few pictures of the frame.

Tube, but they make it pretty easy to get in there with lots of cutouts and good drainage. I did it the first time before I ever got salt on it or full of dirt.

When you buy a fluid film spray kit, the gun has a regular nozzle and a nozzle for in frame that is a flexible extension to get inside that sprays 360.
I have a 2004 Tacoma double-cab (6cyl.)that Toyota replaced the frame on in a recall they did on all Tacomas from late 90's through '04 models. They we're notorious because of manufacturing / supplier issues with frames that rusted prematurely. Some they bought back at over Kelly Blue Book value, some got free corrosion/ rustproofing, others got the entire frame and everything on it (springs, etc) replaced + an extended warranty. Initially, they took mine in for the rustproofing treatment, then decided the entire frame needed replacing. Didn't pay a penny, and got a loaner while they worked on it.
Crazy thing is, I bought the truck used at a Ford dealership in 2010 and about 2 years later took it to a Toyota dealership when I read about the recall And checked with Toyota to see if I qualified. They approved it no questions asked. Has 206,000 on it now and still running like a champ. Change oil & filters religiously, and the only major maintenance I've had done on it was changing the timing belt and water pump twice - once right after I purchased it, and again on a regular scheduled interval.

Toyota forked over a billion dollars in recall costs for the rust issue. You are absolutely correct that some of it was due to manufacturing. The frame vendor (Toyota contracted the frames to another company) botched the corrosion protection. That was a big part of the problems owners saw. I looked into the recall and it expired for this truck. I believe it was good for 15 years from date of manufacture. I'm in the hunt and something will turn up. I do really like the body style of your truck and hope I can find one that checks the boxes.
Eric, what year models/cab configuration/mileage are you looking for?

I'm in NC and we have no concern of rust here or just south of me in SC. I could keep my eyes out for you as it seems the toyotas are always exchanging hands around here.

I drive an 09 tacoma daily myself

I'm gunning for a 4 cyl first gen (95-04) Tacoma with 5 speed manual and regular cab. Headed to Birmingham Thursday after work to look at one. I'd happily take a 6cyl model but those are scarce in a reg cab. Thanks.
Just got back from B'Ham. This truck was the antithesis of the KY truck. Frame was perfect, but the body, interior, steering, and other components showed significant wear and tear. A bigger project than I want. The hunt continues.
Mission accomplished. I pick up a 2013 (2nd gen) Tacoma with regular cab, 4WD, 4 cyl and 5 speed manual tomorrow. I was gunning for a 1st gen but decided 10-15 years newer and fewer miles for not that much more was the better way to go. Most of the 1st gens I saw were bigger projects than I wanted and probably would cost more in the end. Test drove it yesterday and it is a perfect fit for hunting season and weekend project needs. Have to do some work to get it ready but it's mostly bolt on type work and not repairs. I'll tell you guys what. A lot more thought goes into a hunting truck purchase than a daily driver, at least for me.