Funky Duck

That will work, and for sure not the first time it's been done.

Yer carrying on the tradition.

Go ahead wit dat. [cool]

"We need the funk. We gotta have that funk." - George Clinton, Parliament Funkadelic

Yo Vin,

Now I've to pull down some good tunes.... Remember when people used to dance, together, in the same space? That's OK, personally I could use the full 6 feet radiused when I'm dancin!

Peace, B


Gotta have Good Music to "function at the junction". It be in the rules.

I recall some WILD dancin', at the Old ODCCA Show, when the bar was up front.

People up on tables & elsewhere dancin', and having one helluva good time.

The good times, and hangovers are legendary.

Yet when the early AM decoy contests began. We was there.

Good to see ya posting here, and still at it.

Best regards

If you carve six of those, does that counts as a twelve bird rig? 6 hens and 6 drakes? Just think of the space one will save in the boat. "Yep, got 6 hens and 6 drakes in that six slot bag."
Yo, Pan, have you thought about splitting amidships so front half is of one gender? Made some of those to cut in half for wall srt! Yeah, son asked, I made! Also great for folks with two banos.