Herters rehab ?'s and Behr Paint for Black Ducks?

Lawrence Kotchek

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I am sure this has been covered but I can't seem to find it.
Does anybody have the Behr colors for black ducks? I just bought a dozen run really hard Herters big 72 burlapped Mallard decoys that need a rehab.
I assume I can recover some really work or shot areas with mastic and burlap patches?
Can I caulk the rusty metal keel inserts and cover those with mastic and burlap?
I am thinking of re-painting as Blacks as it seems easier and for me more useful as well.
Does anybody have a list of the colors used in Behr Ultra flat paint for black ducks?

See Steve Sanford's primer on painting Bds on this site or his web site. Google up Steve Sanford, if you can't hunt this down on the past posts here.

Email him. I painted a set of BDs bodies two years ago, I think with a Behr paint, though I could be mistaken. I am using the LSB paint for my current project.

Steve will respond immediately to you and correct me if me recollection is incorrect.
Here is Steve Sanfords list of behr paints from home depot for the mallards you should be able to pick the colors for black ducks from the hen list,hope this helps


Good morning, Lawrence~

Here are the Behr colors. The decoy is a Wildfowlers - with a scratch-painted face. I stippled the body with Flat Black to add depth - but do not do so on coated (epoxy + sawdust) or cork decoys. The ESPRESSO BEANS for the body and MOCHA LATTE for the face are the key colors.

sm Black Ducks - BEHR PAINTS.JPG

I usually paint a bit more detail - and more realistic - on my smooth Black Ducks.

Wildfowler Black Duck Hen - head closeup.JPG

Here they are on a Homer bird. Coated surfaces - here is epoxy + fine sawdust - get fewer brushstrokes on the face.

HOMER Black Duck Drake closeup 1.JPG

Busy working....

HOMER Black Duck 01.JPG

And the result of these colors on a friend's Herter's Model 72s....

Foster E.JPG

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Happy to help!

And, I, too, have work to do. I have LOTS of content that needs to go up on my website - including a bunch of Behr charts. I am
"planning" to work every Monday in the New Year to add to my site.

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Home Depot is always an adventure. No burlap - that's not a huge deal I found it elsewhere. I bought 4 quarts of Behr Ultra, got home and noticed it was interior not exterior paint. Drove back and they were OK with returning it which was a concern, but as it was a hour later...., when they went to mix up the exterior, they didn't have the base for the exterior to mix Mocha and Expresso. I guess another Home Depot tomorrow..