Hey Lee and other old gun nuts.

Dave Parks

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I ran onto the website below that has a great collection of old gun company catalog reprints. Neat stuff like old Winchester, L.C. Smith, Sharps,
Holland & Holland, Rigby factory catalogs. They have over 500 different old gun and ammo catalogs.


It's a nice source for information. Just thought I'd pass it along.

and maybe a little bit nuts but I think you should be a little more sensitive in your posts...

Scott, I would but I know Lee would never give me a break if the shoe was on the other foot. :^)

I know a lot of those Old Gun Nuts and I'm going to past along the site. Now if I could only get them to use a puter. Thanks Dave
Shoe on the other foot??? It would fit! It's hard finding a pair of left handed shoes..My twin brother had two right feet but I pushed him out of the nest while mom was out getting us some roadkill.