I finally get to start the season Saturday

Chip Hull

New member
That old saying about a steady job and a wife have ruined many a good duck hunter really applies to me this year. On top of these obligations one of my usual partners moved out of town and the other passed away leaving me to look to my 8 year old going to be my partner this year. I'll be introducing him to the MS river here for the first time this year even with a great deal of push back from Mama dear. She's heard all the stories of the duck hunting boats who succumb to her icy depths never to be heard from again. Little solice to her is that he is with old river hands with years of experience plying the waters on which Mark Twain once rang. She will never comprehend the draw of the sirens' muse.......

The draw of Ole man river keeps me coming back year after year....hopefully she will hook the next generation this weekend as it has me. There is an allure about the river that is a cross between Huck Finn and Nash Buckingham with so much history and the ever present element of danger that it is like stepping back in time. With her currents bringing so many memories of good friends so dear with the hope of passing the love of the sport to those so near leave me in sleepless anticipation of the days afield. With the cold weather freezing the shallow water field, the Big Muddy on a rise in the face of a Northern blow......the sirens' muse is once again drawing me near.