Kalash layout boat rebuild

Good morning, Bob~

Now that sounds like a familiar life-style..... Good days are usually productive days.

Susan and I will be headed up to our camp (cabin) on Champlain next week - with a trailer full of lumber and a bunch of tools.

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Back to the layout after a long layoff. Before i left for MN I taped the seems with biracial cloth tape and let it sit until today. Flipped it back right side up and wetted it out and went back with epoxy cabosilmix to fill any imperfections (imagine that) and payed the cloth in a slightly tacky surface. Smoothed out the bubbles and let things sit. Rain came 5 hrs later and covered as much as i could but it was dry to the touch by then. Hoping for the best. Coaming still is not how i want it. Must give it some thought.View attachment A517BD43-5BAA-4C93-B671-59EB2D9FA7BA.jpeg
Beautiful looking work!

I grew up in the downriver area of Detroit and have a lot of family in Gibraltar, MI. Many still layout shoot. John Kalash built an incredible boat!

That really turned out great and given the way you went about it will give many years of trouble free service. Nice work.

Definately want to see some photos of this boat in action this year!