long time lurker here,

Tracy Blanco

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hi guys ,iv been lurking here for a few years now , ran across the site while looking for some ideas on how to make my 12ft semi v bottom more useful as a duck boat. well as they say the rest is history. have since built three boats.
first one was the hybrid from free plans off the site here.
next one was a kara , the last one was one i just put together from left overs from the first two builds. it came together after lots of studying , looking around at other builds. i live in ottawa , kansas. im 48 , been after ducks now for 32 years or more. i really enjoy reading all the posts on the site , the pics from everywhere are great. now if i can get this camera to work right i will try to load some pics of boats . thanks for a great site , its helped a lot.
Welcome aboard Tracy.We will look forward to seeing your boat creations and any other hunting pics.
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