Old featheredge sneakbox *SOLD*

John Birmingham

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Got my eye on something else and would like to sell my old displacement sneak box.

The former owner added a wedge to the bottom to get the box to plane with his 15 merc. I ran a 1974 9.9 Johnson which was good enough for me.

The box is on Cape Cod. I could deliver it as far as the eastern shore of MD.

I have my eye on something else and would sell the box for $500 if I can get the other boat.

Let me know if you are interested. It is ready to hunt today. I want to keep the two year old trailer and the 1974 motor, but would listen.



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Why can't these boats ever be closer to the center of the country? :)
Good luck selling, sure looks like a nice boat for that price.

Why can't these boats ever be closer to the center of the country? :)


Maybe because the "center of the country" is "the middle of nowhere" hehe:>) :>)

This is an old timer, it is glas over wood. It is a little rough, I love the boat and will be hunting it this season if I do not get a different type of boat I am looking at. If you need a trailer, we could work something out, I want to keep the one in the picture but the other boat I am looking at has a trailer you could buy that appears to be in good shape.

The boat is currently on Cape Cod. I will be up there sometime in November and could deliver it along the way back to Delaware.

is the boat staying up there or are u bringing it back to delaware i live in nj i would really like to c the boat

One morning last season, I hunted out of Long Beach Island, NJ with guys from the site. It is pretty open there, not like the ocean. Gene was running a tdb 14 and and Mike had an aluminum boat. We ran together to the spot where we set up and then ran back together at lunch time.

I was comfortable with the boat's performance.

The former owner told me he ran it in various spots at the shore with a 15hp merc.

I am still sort of new to all of this, so I do not hunt alone.