Picked up some new old decoys and have questions

Lawrence Kotchek

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Hi All, I scored some cork decoys this week two teal and three bufflle heads. I know the Buffies were carved by Captain Dick Henderson based on the RBH brand on the keel, I have six Pintails and a pair of Green Wing Teal he carved. I am stumped by the two Teal hens. Are they Blue wing or Greenwing? Any idea who might have made them? They look similar to some P.K. Hilliard but...no idea. ThanksIMG_6396.jpgIMG_6399.jpgIMG_6400.jpgIMG_6401.jpgIMG_6402.jpgIMG_6397.jpg
Teal could possibly be Cabela's from when they first sold cork decoys. Not the herters they sold latter or the L.L.Bean look alikes they sold for a couple years. Keel & tail insert look identical to ones they first sold. Haven,t a clue who carved them for Cabela's though. Some had the Cabela's brand on bottom of keel but if I recall thats when they sold a identical decoy to L.L. Beans George Sole type. That was the second corks they sold. I think your teal are first.
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I cannot shed any real light on the makers of these birds. Those 3 Butterball are very nice decoys!

The 2 Teal look to my eye like LL Bean birds - especially the heads (which always look just a bit small for their bodies). Regarding species, they are painted as generic Teal.

Here is a pair of Bean's Greenwings I rehabbed in 2015. Keels look like yours. I had chamfered the edges before taking this photo.

Beans GWT pair.JPG


4 Beans GWT Pair.jpg

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Beans is probably right. One of the heads isn't faired to the body (you can see a gap) not something a craftsman would do, more commercial