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I find it close to unbelievable that there are still no 12 bore 2 3/4 steel loads available! Surely there will be some before the next season?
BOSS has a fairly complete selection of 12ga 2 3/4 shells (bismuth) in stock. I highly recommend their shells. Vastly superior to steel.
Rogers has Fed Blue Bx 2 3/4" 12 gauge right now in 3,s & 4,s in stock. Actually on sale ,better jump on them. They also have steel upland shells in #7,s.
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If you can?t find some in the near future I have some I could part with.
Mostly Winchester Experts #2 and #4?s. I?m in Vancouver but will probably
attend the Or Waterfowl Festival. Could meet there.
I stopped by a local retailer yesterday. They had various brands in stock; Federal, Hevi-Shot, and Kent. What was disheartening were the prices, most were 20-25% higher than 2020 prices.
I haven't bought a case of shells online since 2018.
But looking at Rogers website, prices are about twice what they were back then.
Rogers does seem to have quite a few brands & sizes in stock.
I was in Wal Mart last night and they had a shelf full of 2-3/4" #2 & #4 steel shot. I only shoot 3" or 3-1/2" typically, so I didn't pick any up. I would look around again as many stores just started to get shotgun shells this past week. It seemed the ammo manufactures were shipping them to everyone with orders.
Worth, I was in Walmart in FT Smith AR today and they have a steel 2 3/4" load I have not seen before. It is winchester xpert 12 bore 1 1/6 OZ at 1550 ft per sec shot size # 2. It is about $16.50 a box. I still have some older boxes of 2 3/4 steel [ Remington] and it is all 1 1/8 OZ stuff around 1400 ft per second. Does real good out of my double out to 35 yards or so. I am not sure how this faster stuff would do? I think I remember you writing one time saying you like the 1300 ft per second loads best out of your double guns and I agree with you. It is hard to find now. Well for what it is worth there seems to be more steel shotshells appearing at a little better price. [/b]
Also Academy sports has some 12 bore winchester xpert low brass [game and target] 2 3/4 steel # 6's @ 1325 ft per second for [/b]about[/b][/font] $11.00 a box. They work on teal and other small ducks at close range but are awful lite in my opinion. They are good on snipe and dove where non toxic is required. Also for crips. Did not see any 20 bore non toxic loads. [/b]

Sorry to hear about your loss of Maggie. I know you have a wealth of good [/b]memories.
As long as we are on the subject of shells, does anyone know of a source for 2 1/2" 12 ga. lead game loads? I like the Gamebore variety, but can't find them recently.
Thank you in advance.