simple garage tool decoy carving

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sent the link to Chuck to post up in the Carvers Corner he wanted me to put it on the main forum and then transfer the thread. I did this for my friend's magazine this Summer in a "getting ready for season" edition.







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Thanks Tom, that is a great tutorial for someone hesitant to make the leap into the abyss of decoy carving.

Nice article. I am impressed with how you kept it simple enough in every aspect that it would encourage neophytes to give it a try. You covered a lot of ground, simply, clearly, and effectively.

For a follow up article in future issues of that magazine, could I suggest an article on simple paint/repaint patterns and techniques? Kind of like "Decoy carvers' tricks on painting to help you paint your own decoys"

The few times I have taught others to make wooden decoys, the #1 fear/intimidation factor is the painting. I ahve even had people refuse to learn to carve because they said, "I don't want to spend that time carving, only to screw it up with the paint."

There are so many simple techniques, like sponging, combing, and scratching that are easy to do but unknown to many hunters, I think an article on that alone would be useful even for those who use plastics, and may move them into wooden and cork birds.......
I seem to be the exception. When I built my Kara I was intimidated by the wood working not the fiber glassing. Same is true of decoys. Not sure of the woodworking, but the painting seems easy.

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If you lived closer to WI, I'd gladly teach you that carving is the easy part.............

and also about fly fishing for smallmouth bass on breaks from class...........

Really want to learn about carving, but the fly fishing invitation is the hard one to turn down. Live in trout country and only occasionally fly fish for warm water fish. Kind of a preamble to the upcoming trout season. Someday I may be able to take you up on this offer.

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