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I Stand by the stump, Goat skin leggins in place. Ready to dance in the season of fall, of harvest, of the hunt...

I'll burn a little cedar, pour a little McClusky's gym floor sealer on the flame for good measure.

Salute my friend, and to all the Old Bulls, who still ply the reeds and the rocks, the mud, and the ice.

Peace, B
Happy first day of fall!!!! My most favorite season

Now if the weather would cooperate......


Good to hear from you my friend.

Ya made my day.

Another Autumn is here, and thank God we as well.

From one Old Bull to another, to quote Bob Dylan - "Forever Young..."

Up the big hill I go this afternoon to dance among the critters, and chatter of the squirrels.

I will face west, and tip my hat to thee.

Best regards
Once again the silver tongued Devil has struck. Happy first day of fall I now must go home and drip bear grease on the fire and burn some sweet grass while thanking mother earth for this magical time of the year
Spiffy thought, felal. I spent my first day today having seeds planted---Hope the reddish wee wee stops soon. Need birdseed, cedar shavings for Cap's kennel and some of the newer Fed shells. Steff just picked up shells for his glock. Now he can go practice.. Deer seem to have arrived on the property-his--one camera has found a 12 pointer. His buds have been out with crossbows. Apparently, they are leaving a mite early.
Tis FESTIVUS! To para a passed Druid.