Woodies in Al.

Jeff Bowen

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Due to the slow opener everyone reported Fri. on the River, Eric Patterson and I decided we would do a relaxed hunt for Wood Ducks in an undisclosed tupelo swamp.

30 minutes before legal shooting time we knew we had made the right decision with all the Wood duck sounds, whistles and sqeaks appearing out of the darkness.

The first 2 shots dropped 2 birds. Then the woodies humbled us for a short period before each of us getting our limit. Total shooting time 20 minutes. What a great way to spend a morning !!

Cassie made 3 great retrieves and is still telling all of her hunting dog buddies about getting ride all over the area in the front seat of the Jeep. She will never look at a kennel the same way.
sounds like a great time! I love wood duck hunting...it certainly keeps a person humble and with my buddies...........humble is a good thing :-D
It was a good morning. Guess we had the right idea of heading to this area and avoiding the river. Why would any self-respecting 20k mud motor rig running 50k truck driving duckunter WALK IN? How embarrasing. Too bad Joey Wolk missed it.

p.s. Those Watershed backpacks are just the thing for wade-in hunting.


Very nice. You're fortunate to know more than one spot.
Real hunters are never too proud to walk.

Little Dave and I are going out to my blind-on-the-slough before church.
It's a South-East Texas version of Big Dave's (Parks) Blind-on-the-creek.

Nice pics- glad to hear you had a good hunt. Definiteley nothing wrong with walking in (this is coming from someone who started hunting by chasing squirels and ruffed grouse).

Eric, did I miss any bushes that you would've cleared out, good thing somebody had a good day, we hunted all day and only got one wood duck.
Save more of those woodies for Woodrow Eric....he's yours in another couple weeks.

Great hunt.

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The hole looked good. Had a group come up on us and I thought maybe it was you. They never got close enough to see who it was. There was another solor hunter a little further down. Not bad for a Saturday. Who knows, we might even have it to ourselves some weekday.
Nope wasn't us. Well i'm glad somebody got to shoot something me and ben killed one wood duck all day long. We're hoping we can shoot some divers this weekend. We found some Cans and I think we're gonna target them one morning.