Attn George Finch. RE trapping photos.

Bob B

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Finch, sorry about the loss of the Trapping pictures. If you made it this far they were in the "old" forum and did not come over last night with the transfer to the new site. I will see if the guys will post the trapping photos again and hope you get back to see um. I know you will get a kick out of the older shots of pelts gone bye.
Bob Butler.
PS. anyone here got a good recipie for racoon. Got a line on some for my next game dinner and need to get some info on cooking it.
A good friend of mine spent quite a bit of time trapping himself and I told him sunday to check out your pictures. I think he will get a kick out of them. I esp. liked the "move to Alaska to run trap lines," plan. Too bad the market fell out the next year.