Be safe all of you up in the path of this snow storm!

Larry Eckart

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Dear friends,
Many of our friends on this site live between New Jersey and Maine. May God watch over you all. Please share your reports and photos as you weather the weather

Well said, Larry. This storm is taking on millions of folks. Stay safe and please be vigilant.
Received around 2" of new snow in the Hudson Valley of Upstate NY. Looks like we just missed the brunt of the storm.
18" down here on the Jersey Shore, got my last licks in for duck season yesterday prior to the snow.
Windy here, snow has stopped. Spent all day making sausage - have a couple nice big batches fermenting.
A pile of wind and maybe 9 inches of snow and counting. Hard to tell--it's blowing a lot. Low single digits all day. Not sure I have ever seen a snowstorm here when it's this cold. Forecast says we can expect 12-20" by the time things wrap up tomorrow morning.

My mother is down on the coast in Cape Elizabeth where wind gusts to 70 mph have been reported.
The storm wound up last night. Hard to tell how much snow we got with all the drifting, but well over a foot. I'd guess 18" is a safe bet. The drift over my outdoor oil tank which sits on the lee side of the house, was over my head.