Classifieds Posting Rules UPDATED Oct 21, 2022

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The below rules are required of anyone posting to the classifieds. Ignorance will not be an excuse. Posts in violation will be promptly deleted. Classfieds is expressly for the posting of For Sale (FS), Wanted To Buy (WTB) and Wanted To Trade (WTT) ads for members.
  • Items posted should be related to waterfowling. Outdoor related items will be permitted but are subject to review by the moderators.
  • Members with less than 30 posts cannot post to the classifieds.
    • Padding your post count with meaningless posts just to reach 30 will be dealt with swiftly and decisively.
  • Do not post FS, WTB, or WTT in other sections. Use the Classifieds. Failure to do so will result in your post being deleted without notification.
  • Price must be set. If you are worried about not getting top dollar you can set a higher price in your initial listing and bump the listing to the top with a lower price until the item sells.
  • Do not conduct auctions on the forum..
  • Re-listing items found online, e.g. Facebook Marketplace, must be posted in Seen Elsewhere, unless you own said item.
  • If you feel a seller might be a scammer or a spammer contact a moderator with an explanation. Do not take matters into your own hands.
  • In the event that a sale goes bad cannot be held responsible. All transactions are the sole responsibility of the buyer and seller.
  • Disparaging or negative comments about any item, the seller, or the price being asked, i.e. comments that may ruin the sale of the item or cause harm to the seller, are not allowed and may result in being deleted from
In addition to the above the below rules apply to Commercial Posters:
  • Commercial Poster Defined - Any member whom makes a significant portion of their income through the sales and/or manufacture of waterfowling related products. If you need further clarification weather or not you fit this description, please consult a Moderator.
  • Commercial Posters wanting to sell items in the classifieds must receive prior permission from a Moderator.
  • The classifieds are not to be used as free advertisement for your standard products/prices. You may have a seasonal/closeout/clearance sale that you would like to bring to the attention of our Membership. Also trade ins/discontinued items or seconds are acceptable items to sell.
  • If you have waterfowling related items to sell that are not related to your product (such as selling some of your own, used waterfowling gear) you may post this as well. Again, as a courtesy to management, a quick PM to a Moderator to let us know of your desires is always appreciated and in such instances will get a quick “rubber stamp” okay.
  • Posting in the main forum:
    • Starting a thread in a blatant manner of boasting or promoting your product/services is forbidden and will result in the thread being removed at the discretion of a Moderator without warning. Repetitive infractions will result in a private warning or having your account deleted.
    • Starting a thread that gives background information, technical knowledge or other insight to the use of your product/service is acceptable and encouraged as long as it is done tastefully.
    • Answering a thread with a solution or insight to someone's problem/situation in a positive manner, where in the solution involves use of your product is permitted. However, please keep the conversation professional should more than one Commercial Poster with competing products reply to the thread. Once the conversation goes beyond the problem solving and is moving towards the sale, please feel free to refer the member to your website and move the conversation to email or phone.

Formatting an Ad:
  • Preface your subject line with the nature of the ad, i.e.:[For Sale/FS] [Wanted To Buy/WTB] [Wanted to Trade/WTT] [Free]
  • Include in the title what you are selling, i.e, Cork decoy, Barnegat Bay Sneakbox.
  • Post a thorough description including all the available information like make, model number, motor horsepower, condition, etc..
  • Give a true evaluation of completeness and condition for items being sold.
  • Make known any unusual conditions of the sale (Pick Up Only/Method of Payment/Preferred Shipper/etc.).
  • Post pictures of the item or at the very least have pictures available to send via e-mail.
  • Give the physical location for where the item is. If space permits place this in the subject line.
  • Follow up on your ad once your needs have been met. This can be done with a change to the subject line noting SOLD or FOUND.
  • As a seller or buyer be very clear in your private communications. Do not assume that you have a transaction until you have communicated to and received back a confirmation from the buyer/seller.
  • Follow up with people who have PM'd you about the item letting them know it is no longer available for sale.
  • Use the Preview button before posting your ad. Make all changes prior to submitting your ad.
  • Register any and all complaints with a site Moderator. While this may not help resolve your situation, it may help the site staff in preventing reoccurrences.
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