Expanded foam canvas decoys - how to pictorial

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This is fun & easy way to make mag-sized "filler" blocks for heavy use. I have been making these for years and love the versatility and punishment they can take. I hope I took enough pics to show all the steps to make these. This is #1 of a large scoter rig I am working on. I will post pics of the completed rig sometime soon.
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Derek, Nice tutorial. I have a question have you ever drilled holes in the wood bottom to put in the expanded foam ?
Yes, I do like that method, but you need a good sized hole to let the foam "breathe" enough. If it does not breath it wont expand right and not balloon out the canvas.. You also have the time to plug the holes - which can be hard. I typically run the slit alond the top board, but for this post thought it would be easier to see.
Yes they will self right without keels if the profile is low or easily with keels on a higher profile like I posted. I use synthetic decking ripped into thick keels. The foam makes these ride very high in the water - so the weight of the decking is nice to draw them loer ad keel the cost of weighint with lead our. I have also used small dia. steel channel for keels.
If I'm not mistaken the foam in the cans will accept water, (get waterlogged). You might be better off with the 2 part foam for boat floatation.
I have never had any problems with water intrusion or water overload. The canvas is painted over and the bottom rim is sealed in bath caulk. It could happen though. They are just like traditional canvas deeks, just filled wth foam, not wire. All canvas deeeks can leak easier, its just their nature.
How many birds can you do with one can of foam? What would you say is the duration of a spray shot into the canvas void, 10 secs? Longer?

they look great, by the way. .best wishes and thanks for posting that.
How many decoys does one can of foam do ? Also what would and size are you using ? I would like to make some over the winter for next year. Have you made buffie's ?
I have used this kind of foam to add new life to ratty full body floater Canada goose decoys I've found in marshes. I cut out the bottom on both sides of the keel, then shoot foam in. After the foam hardens I surf form it down.

I don't bother to cover the foam. For the couple hours the decoys are put out each time it doesn't seem to soak up any water.
Depends on the size, I have been able to get 6-7 deeks out of a can - all large sizes. Its really just a learning curve that you will likely waste a bit of time and $ on at first - but a fun project that you can adjust to your specific needs.