Probably not in time for Christmas giving.... but close.

MLBob Furia

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I have a number of carved & painted feathers in hand-made, remarqued, wooden display boxes that make great display pieces for any waterfowler.
If anyone is interested in one of these, let me know at rfuria@fuse,net
I'll get back to you with details.
Prices on the individual boxes vary and include shipping (US only).

3 feather wood-duck with full box remarque - $200

2 feather wood duck with lab & gunner remarque - $175
This box was taken locally; No longer available.

Two feather wood duck with Lab & hunter looking skyward remarque - $175

Double Black duck speculum feather with hunter remarque - $175

Single mallard speculum feather with leaping Mallard remarque - $150

Currently in the shop. Will be completed this week, but here are the tops I've remarqued with flying Mallards.
These will have single carved mallard speculum feathers sealed in them - $150 each.
Box with the 2 flying mallard drake remarque was taken locally. Not available.

Single Black duck speculum feather with lab & hunter looking out over the marsh - $150
Adding this box to the list of available carved feather boxes. Single flying mallard remarque W/ Carved speculum feather:
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