Sold!!! Snow goose rig (Price Dropped again!!!)

Charles H.

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My brother and I have decided to get out of snow goose hunting so we are selling the whole package. Not interested in parting it out at this time. This posted several other places online so first come first sold. Hoping to sell face to face here in south eastern PA, so let's say with in an hour of Hereford PA, meet in public at a Wawa or similar gas station.

Last try, Price reduced from $3500 to $2500 and includes the following.
65 dozen silo sock decoys assembled and stored in Rubbermade totes. 11, 18 gallon totes with 5 dozen in each, and 1 31 gallon tote with 10 dozen. 10 dozen 3d sentries, 1 dozen 2d sentries, 1 dozen blue goose feeders, about 10-15% of the spread is Juvie feeders(8 dozen I think) the remainder are standard feeders.

100 wind tamer snow goose rags stored in 5 gallon buckets.

7 silo sock flapping decoys

4 speaker custom build ecaller. Powered by an eclipse car stereo with 100 what amp, plays cd's(snow goose cd included) or MP3 through a flash drive. 4 radio shack 25 what speakers with 50 fee of wire, Sealed waterproof batter and head unit contained in storage bin with outside power switch, remote for cd player, and storage tote for speakers.

Also have about half a case of 3xl tyvek over suits and a multipoint bungie to strap it all down for transport.

PM for Contact information to discuss.
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"south eastern PA, so let's say with in an hour of Hereford PA "