TUTORIAL - Re-painting Bean's Coastal Blacks & Mallards


I probably did - certainly if there were any sizable shiny patches of varnish. I usually hit it with 60 or 80 grit - because there's usually a few rough spots and "crumbs" - but it's just a few seconds per bird.

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I do not use Bondo, per se - which is a polyester product. I use the epoxy and microballoons because it sticks really well AND - just as important - it sands very easily. The cork mixed with epoxy is a bit tougher to sand. Either approach is serviceable.

You coming to the Duckboat Show?

As one who has carved a lot of birds in the past, I enjoyed this tutorial. The only question I have is on the mallard drakes flank, where you faded to white. If you look at a real greenhead, or a photo of one, you'll see that the white that separates the gray sides from the black rump is a distinct demarcation....a narrow white stripe that goes straight around the rump. A photo will illustrate what I mean.
Other than that one detail, you've done a fine job.
Hi, Larry~

I just ran across your note from early April. I am glad you enjoyed my post.

I understand your point about the white on the drake's flanks - my pattern on the Bean's decoy is simply my compromise to accommodate the shape of the body - which is both a bit too large for the head and certainly too wide aft. As you can see from my other birds, I try to get that encircling aspect when the shape allows.

I carved these tip-ups circa 1980.


Note how the E. Allen and Herter's have a more life-life shape:



And some of my own:



Here are some other Bean's I re-painted last summer - tried to stretch the white a bit more astern.


Finally - I hope you're still carving!

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I particularly like the reddish breasts on your hens in the last picture. A large number of suzies in my neck of the woods exhibit this coloration, but I seldom see it on decoys. Good eye, there!!!!!!

I know you get lots of questions on this forum, so I apologize for adding one more, and did make a good faith search before posting this question, but, despite that, it seemed wise to ask is the list below still the recommended paint schedule for black duck decoys? If so, is one of those colors the choice for the body color, or is Lou's oil base FME the only way to go for that part of the bird? Thanks for any help.

JimG said:
Before hopping into your truck and heading to Home Depot for the sample size jars of paint, DON'T

According to the HD website, available via internet only

go to the search box and type in Behr Ultra paint samples, followed by the colors in the tutorial

OK.... in case you haven't written them down yet, Mocha Accent, Black Suede, Fedora, Ashwood

AND the best part, $1.94 per jar until 10/19. Are you kidding me? Including shipping. Are you kidding me? Delivered to your door.
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Steve, I do not, but know the colors are called out in one of the tutorials Steve has done, and if not he will see this, and you will have your answers tomorrow early I expect!
Great Job As Usual, your posts are always well done . everyone can always learn something from your posts weather it be painting or carving.keep up the fine work. your very much respected & appreciated to this website & more. Paul