What's on the Bench? November 2021

A while back, someone posted about not needing anymore decoys so they were going to stop carving. GW jumped on the person and when I shared the same sentiment with GW, he jumped on me! So it took a while but I found a goal that is a bit different. I never paid a whole lot of attention to LL Bean decoys - for a variety of reasons. But a friend asked me to repair some of his Bean blocks and they got under my skin. Taking GW's advice to heart, I decided to carve a rig of Bean inspired blocks in poses and species that Bean never did. This will fix the toy solder look of the two basic factory poses and it has kept my interest. The deal was sealed when I found a case of BSC local for a price I couldn't refuse. Here are some pics of some redheads and mallard/blacks in progress.
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Nice work all around!

Here are some Mallards From the Bench of George Williams:

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My bench time has been focused mostly on boats - especially South Bay Duckboats.

I was happy to see the bottom in fine shape in this one - currently in my shop but rightside-up again as of this morning. She got a few cosmetic repairs and 3 coats of Lou Tisch's FME # 3 (Black Duck Body Color) below the rail.

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I have yet to see this South Bay in person. I made lots of pieces for her - spray shield, flaop boards, thatch rails, motor board - but the owner installed them and then covered everything up with Salt Hay.

View attachment Tyler South Bay - DONE 1.jpeg

This one arrived last weekend. The owner will miss the season because of ankle surgery - so I'll be working on her in the depths of Winter. (same for South Bay #2 in background)

View attachment sm Jim Tuffin with South Bay - 7 November 2021.JPG

The same friend brought a gunning coffin that needs a bit of work. It was made from Sanford plans but not by me. It mostly needs new canvas - and will ultimately become a fund-raiser for South Shore Waterfowlers Ass'n.

View attachment sm 1 SSWA Coffin - BEFORE.JPG

I rehabbed these birds - 5 Beans Whistlers and 1 Herter's Broadbill - last Winter. Their owner will be stopping by in 10 days or so.

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Back to work.....