What's on your WORK BENCH - May 2022

Bob ~

Great job on your Chestnut-collared Pochard!

BTW: In a "Beginning Ornithology" program I give locally, I include Ring-necked Duck among "Worst Bird Names Ever" - along with Red-bellied Woodpecker and Sharp-shinned Hawk.

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[size 4]That newly completed ringneck cork gunning pair out on the water with an older one.The hen seems unimpressed with the posturing of the drake [sly]

IMGP8289 (2).JPG

IMGP8273 (3).JPG

Good morning, Bob~

Three grand postures - each a spectacle in and of itself!

Here's a Spoonbill From the Bench of George Williams:

GWilliams - Spoonbill Hen.jpg

I've been working on a whirlwind of projects - but just picked up this charming pair of Shelldrake on Long Island - via member Frank Zamp. They were carved by Helmuth Rich - a carver from Patchogue.

H Rich Shelldrake - Drake FULL.JPG

Both Drake and Hen show the work of Old Man Time. I will show my rehab - as it happens (slowly) - in a separate post.

H Rich Shelldrake - Hen Profile.JPG

Another friend left me with this nice Mallard - missing only one key feature.

CWK Mallard - FULL oblique.JPG

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We got word that Grandchild #9, due in October, will be a boy.
I felt that an appropriately colored duck call was in order, and turned this one in the shop a few days back:

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