Building table and setting up molds

Building table and setting up molds

Richard Lathrop

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Building table and setting up molds - Widgeon molds boatbuilding

After building the transom and the bow piece I set about cutting the molds. The plans call for 1" Pine molds. I used 1" pine boards 7" wide from Home Depot. The molds were cut as indicated on the plans.

I deviated from the setup plans by building a rolling table. I only added a top for 10'. This was because the bow piece sits below the deck line. This will allow me to roll the boat outside of the shop for sanding and I am able to move it around as needed. I installed a set of...

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This is really starting to get good. There is a lot of detail packed in those plans and I can see you are getting each bit of data out of them as needed. Are you documenting as you go or is the boat further down the road than your entries?