Once Again, the Rules: This is not Craigslist.


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Searches for certain boat names, such as BSBB Fricke Schillinger low boat Roy Boat TBD Higbee high boat Devlin Scaup Estuary , all seem to lead people to here.


The classifieds are for DHBP members in good standing (Read the rules!!!!).

If you do not meet the letter and spirit of the rules, DO NOT post to or respond in the classifieds.

Note: You may see some older members that don't seem to have the required number of posts, this is due to a glitch when the forum was transferred between operating systems/upgrades.

If you sign up solely for the purpose of accessing the classifieds because a certain brand of boat shows up in a search and then post to the classifieds without ever participating on the Forum in a meaningful way, your classified posts will be deleted.
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I guess people thought I was kidding or are just trying to tee off the moderators?????