What's on your work bench, February 2024?

Huntindave McCann

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Making some repairs on a customers rod, new guides and tip top.

Added an LED light to my hand wrapper. Should have done that a long time ago. 😁

Going to add some white pigment to the epoxy and do a test wrap on a white dowel. Shooting for pure white on white, with no yellowing. 🤷


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Funny how folk can understand things other people say. I didn't envision the light on the hand wrapper until I saw your picture. I was thinking of a fishing grip with LED lights added....got to wondering about how often someone might need a lit up grip on a fishing rod.....DOH!!
I was thinking of a fishing grip with LED lights added....got to wondering about how often someone might need a lit up grip on a fishing rod.
Might come in pretty handy if one is catfishing at night and lays their fishing rod down on the river bank. :cool:
So true....maybe you can make the latest greatest new fishing rod. Feel free to name it after me
Cool. Can’t wait to see the final product. have a 30 year old rod with a broken eye and degraded cork I’ve been thinking about redoing
Its just a relatively cheap Shakespeare 7’ MH, but the feel and action is perfect for the old Penn 712z it came with. Great for Spanish mackerel.
Been planning upgrades to various portions of duck hunting gear / storage etc.
The Tacomas are a little annoying with tapered wheel well … they are just narrow enough at the bottom that two large dog kennels won’t fit at the same time.. if you raise them 2 inches they fit just perfect ..
I’ve had them on a pretty ghetto make shift segment of trex deck and treated lumber to get me by.. screwing through the end grain of the trex deck and then adding 300 lbs ( 75 / kennel and 75/ dog) doesn’t hold up over time. And building a box cut down on my storage capacity.

Played around with the design and now have an aluminum platform with a stall mat added. Not as hard to trim as YouTube junkies make it out to be. And the rubber makes for a much quieter ride for the dogs .IMG_9467.jpegmade the platform 6.5” vs standard 3.75 of a 2x4
The Tacoma is back “on the work bench” again today .. Got paid last night so new brakes and rotors were in order. Feel pretty lucky to have gotten 205k out of this set (original)
Did it myself with my buddy’s help and saved $512 which I really needed this month. Guess that was my Valentines present to myself


New pads next to old one.

Next week getting new scrims and tires and Lord willing except for a detail / wash / wax the Taco should be ready for spear fishing season
Well, the late goose season finally wrapped up, and Scooter and I snuck out one last time.

I've been turning my attention to the shop and starting on some new birds. Managed to finish up carving on a nice tuck-head blackduck that will get moved to the sealer table this weekend.IMGP9887.JPG

Our last Hurrah on Super Bowl Sunday:

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With this very warm early spring weather the sap is running. We don't have sugar maples around here but do have silver maples and boxelder. They make nice syrup but it takes more sap. I boiled about 12 gallons of sap to come away with a pint and a half of syrup. I didn't filter it, doesn't bother me being a little cloudy. Tastes great and only costs about twice as much as what I can buy it for in the store. My neighbor and I are thinking that a wood stove is needed before next year.


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