I have always been a fan of the Barnegat Style Sneak box and the small boats of the New Jersey shore. After completing my garvey build I was looking for another project to use left over materials. I also had boat hardware from a Bolger skiff I wanted to use.

I liked the Widgeon design and purchased a copy of Zack Taylor's Successful Waterfowling. The plans and instructions for the Widgeon are on pages 130-139. In 2015 I also purchased a reprint of the Harry Megargee article from D.N. Goodchild. The text of the reprint is the same as in the book but the reprint had the sail plan for the Widgeon in the booklet and I provided a scan to Eric for inclusion on the site.

I am building the boat using Atlantic White Cedar side planks, white oak for the ribs and keelson and Oakume plywood for the planking. The plans call for spruce and pine but there are many suitable boatbuilding woods available. I also plan to fiberglass the boat exterior. I also plan to outfit the boat as a sailing sneakbox ans want to shift the centerboard case to the right side to open up the cockpit.

This is my second boatbuilding project, I welcome advice and pointers.


Richard Lathrop
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