Real Names - One More Time

Eric I have no problem with this do I have the option of going in and changing this ??

Tim Bombardier ( "BOMBER")

Hey BOMBER, have any leads on pike ? Things are settled down here and I'm getting an itchy trigger finger.


At the top of the scren click "Edit Profile" and then on "User Profile". I'm fine with Bomber since it's part of your real name and a nickname not just some screen name.
For the record

A user account was deleted today for viloation of this rule. It's not the first time and probably not the last. The straw that broke the camels back was the "nameless" individual challenged the rule and was sarcastic towards requests to comply. Rest assured if you want to be deleted that is a sure fire way. Ask for it, literally, and we will be more than happy to comply with any request to be banned. Admitedly my patience have grown thin with folks who thumb their nose at me and the site rule and I won't waste one second ridding them from my site. My time is in very short supply and I refuse to waste any of it on someone who seeks the benefits this site has to offer but won't give me courtesy.

Eric Patterson
Eric..excellent point.

IMHO we ought to put our or approximate location too.
For those of you worried about identity theft..maybe even the just the state or a section.i.e"SE Pa"

It really helps with the classifieds,but when someone relates info,it is often helpful
to know their geographical context.i.e."it was darn chilly this morning when I set out my decs this morning.
Joe Whinner/Jacksonville,Fl" :)
You have to question a persons intentions if he/she makes a fuss over using their real names. This site is a privilege and not a God given right to use. If they can't see the value, depth, and benefit in this site then they must be missing the boat!
It is comforting to know that there are still some actual people who enjoy hunting and discussing their common love for boats, dogs and anything associated with duck hunting. I believe the new generation of duck hunters ( Mallard Mashers,Pintail Poppers and Duck God ) were created when the Duck Killin' 1, 2, and 3 videos were introduced. Pick a name or a video they all are the same. Thanks for a wonderful websight. Pat Reichley
I do have to agree I do like using my real name here.

but Outdoorplay (ODP) is my handle, I us it on my CB, VHF, Forums.

its like being a truck drive with a handle like little rubber ducky.................

I do think a lot of people on the net. hide behind there handle and say things that they would never say if there real name was on it.
says MESSAGES.......once you get to that point it should be obvious as to how to respond to the private message....

I am a member of many websites, organizations, and forums. I use all for different purposes. This website started out as a search for the "perfect" duck boat. Even though my account is less than 2 days old, I know now what it will be used for. When I want honest, intellectual opinions, help and "olden days" values, I will be right here. On other sites, I'm 1FowlHNTR. Here, I have the freedom to just be ME. Thanks to ALL for providing such a great environment.
I just signed up last week and have really enjoyed reading some of the posts. I just wanted to let you know the my name really is Ybarzabal.....not making that up.
Hello Eric; question--here because I cannot locate any other place to ask?????? I can post, start new threads etc. on the Main Forum why am I blocked from the Carvers' corner??????? Jerry Priebe feel free to email
Here I was, ready to change my screen name to FlockNockerLoveByTheLadies3ShotsBang-BangUrDeadMallardMasher. Guess I'll just stick with boring old "Nate."

Happy Friday!



You just cracked my wife up!!!! Thanks...

hello my name is bill mcculloch im having trouble with posting any pic. and posting any thing can you help with this if not would you direct me to who might help in this .
thank you for your time.