Real Names - One More Time

Great Call:
I would rather meet someone with there real name instead of some one that thinks he is on his CB driving his semi across country.
D Dominski
Hi Eric,

I believe this rule will set above most other forums, because it will go a long way toward keeping things civil and clean. If a person thinks something is worth posting, they should own it by putting their name on it. Anonymity makes the cowardly brave.

The time has come and gone. I'm happy it was followed through with. Why would some one hide behind a nickname etc. Good move. State would also be nice, we might be neighbors???
Great thread ! and I can honestly say I agree with everyone on the real name debate. I'm 43 and have had my share of nick names, most of which went away after high school. But since my hair was red as a youngster all my buddies on the baseball team and in the duck blind called me RED-DOG ! As it is now, most of those buddies are no longer in my life and the guys I hunt and fish with now just call me Kevin ! LOL I'm glad the hair color idea doesn't stick anymore because now most of my hair is grey and " GREY-DOG " just doesn't sound as cool as red-dog used too !! LOL I agree with the younger generation hiding behind nicknames or using a nickname for a social status ranking ! Kind of like the younger guys with all the "duck killa " or "Monster Muley " stickers all over their rigs. I S you not, just last deer season I come out of the local general store in Eastern Oregon where we hunt and a little 2 wheel drive pick-up with those dumb Azz stickers all over the back window is parked right in front of the door. Monster Muleys..Whack em and stack em...and a few others. I take a look in the back of the rig and there is a baby spike and a small forked horn !!!
I looked at the 20 year olds like..Are you serious ??? "
I guess somne people are raised different, but my dad and grandpa would have slapped the taste out of my mouth if I showed up in deer camp with my rig looking like that and I never got to shoot small bucks after prob age 16 - 17 !! Anyway, I love the real name idea, and I have looked over a few diff "duck" chatrooms and none of them compare to this one . I'm very new here and just from my first few posts I have recieved very positive feedback and I have been actually offered help for the questions I have posted. Just feels like I'm talking to guys I would stand around the fire and have a beer with! !

Read the RULES!

Also, this site is not Craigslist, if you are not a member in good standing, don't bother posting to the classified, it will get deleted.
To reiterate the rules:
We use real names here.

If you want to associate a screen name you use at other sites here then edit your profile and place it in your signature.
John David Doe (Acceptable)
John D (Acceptable)
J Doe (Acceptable)
JDD (Acceptable but not very friendly)
Idaho John (Acceptable)

Duckwhacker (NOT Acceptable)
DuckGod (NOT Acceptable)
AutoLoader (NOT Acceptable)
Big Woody (Not Acceptable unless your name actually is Woody)
I could go on forever but hopefully you get the picture.