Whatcha Listening To?

Thanks Tim. The line up varies, but Dwight & Hank stay in the Pilot (other copies in da house). These showed up for some recent listening and doing art. The collection keeps getting larger.... May have replaced collecting decoys in my older age.


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My parents first date was to a dance hall in St. Louis called Club Imperial. Ike and Tina Turner performed. They hit it big soon after. Then when I was in college she hit big all over again. She had an amazing career.

Now that is what I call some very good family history. Two Thumbs Way UP! When it comes to Live Music that makes ya dance the American Songbook is vast. Your parents enjoyed that first hand as did many when things got Wild. Ike & Tina live WOW.

My LP collection is stashed away in old fruit crates like many of us did back then. Live Ike & Tina is in there. No room for the large LP sound system now. So it's a good CD player and Bose speakers. When I paint at times I sit for very long spans of time. My lower back can no longer take those long painting sessions. I get so focused on what I'm doing. The cure? Put on some music that "Ya Can't Sit Down", and get my ass out the chair. Ike & Tina do that. Life is good, and oh my the memories music can stir up.

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music is a constant in my life. I work alone in my shop with headphones on all the time, I tell my wife they are hearing protection from the tools I'm using, but they probably cause more harm than good.

Back in the day when I first got my drivers license there was an 8 track player in my candy apple red ford galaxy. The tape in the player would have been Grand Funk Railroad, Chicago, or the Doobie Brothers. Of course there was a folded playing card under the 8 track cassette to keep it in the right grove. The last two concerts I went to were Steely Dan and The Doobie Brothers.

Now days I listen to Brandon Lake a lot, a couple of favorite with song's are "might get loud" and "count em". I haven't listened to any contemporary pop music for several years, so I'm pretty out of touch. Most of the good music happened in the late sixties and seventies.
I think it's fair to say I shrugged off heavy metal about the time I graduated high school. College rock, oddly enough, was only found on college radio stations in the mid/late 80s and replaced my earlier heavy metal interests. Music that me and my friends could claim as "ours." A unique sound and more thought provoking. But having said all that in my mind there is one rock album that reigned supreme over the hair band genre. An album that had you pumping your fist. After this album they moved to a more pop sound that appealed more to the ladies than true heavy metal fans.

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Being just a little younger than you I was in JH and HS right in the middle of the Pyromania and Hysteria years. I almost laughed at "they moved to a more pop sound that appealed more to the ladies". I don't think there was a bleached blonde or an overly permed girl who didn't have one of those album shirts. I can remember one or two guys but it was mostly the young ladies. Can't really blame those guys now thinking back. Next time I see her I might have to ask one of my classmates if she ever had one of them. :LOL:
The guys I hung around with were almost all AC/DC fans. I'm pretty sure I wore out a Dirty Deeds and Highway to Hell cassettes. I was always a Bon Scott fan.

I thought of Def Leppard as a hair band, while AC/DC was good old hard rock. I had Back In Black on cassette and played every song on both sides until the tape broke. IMO, Back In Black is THE definitive hard rock album.
Back In Black is really great. I agree that it does basically define a genre. Like early Black Sabath is heavy metal, Back In Black is hard rock.
But I had to go listen to some Bon. He did some good stuff beyond the obvious popular songs.

I was more of Van Halen fan, listened to Pink Floyd the Wall album on 8 track, Ratt, Metalica Ride the Lighting album in the 80s. Worked night crew stocking grocery store shelves in the late 80's listening to WMMR rock radio in Philadelphia.
Over the past week this song has popped up several time.
Arguably the best cowboy song ever written... surely the most popular. I like the Waylon and Willie version. A few years ago when the writer of this song passed away I was surprised to learn that early contributor to this forum was related to him. Travis "Goosebruce" Bruce's father was cousins with and grew up close to the writer Ed Bruce. Really a perfect 1970s country song.